Controversial political files to be declassified

Radio Taiwan International
Date: 08 July, 2019
By: Natalie Tso

Taiwan’s legislature has passed the Political Archives Act. This means that government agencies will

Presidential Office Secretary-General Chen Chu says President Tsai has been working on transitional justice throughout her term (CNA photo)

begin declassifying major controversial cases from the White Terror Era when many victims were oppressed and mistreated by the authoritarian government. These are part of President Tsai Ing-wen’s efforts to enact transitional justice in Taiwan.

Government agencies will be given a list of over 30,000 politically sensitive names and phrases and must report an inventory on those files within six months. Political parties and related organizations must also hand over relevant documents to the National Archives.

The National Archives Administration will review and declassify the files so they are available to the public. If the organization believes a file should remain classified, it must show the legal basis for that decision.    [FULL  STORY]

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