Labor groups: current national holiday overtime pay unreasonable

Taiwan News
Date: 2017/03/07
By: George Liao,Taiwan News, Staff Writer

TAIPEI (Taiwan News)–Taiwan’s labor groups and scholars on Tuesday said they think the overtime pay for the ninth to 12th hours should be double pay times 1 1/3 or 1 2/3 (NT$150x2x1 1/3 based on the salary of NT$36,000 ) instead of regular pay times 1 1/3 (NT$150×1 1/3).

The calculation of the overtime pay after eight hours is based on Clause 24 of the Labor Standards Law, which is regular hourly pay times 1 1/3, said Huang Wei-chen (黃維琛), deputy director of Labor Ministry’s Department of Labor Standards and Equal Employment.

However, labor groups and some scholars don’t agree. Taiwan Higher Education Union researcher Chen Poh-chien (陳柏謙) said that national holiday overtime pay from the ninth hour on should be based on double pay, so the ninth hour work should be paid NT$150x2x1 1/3 based on NT$36,000 salary.

Chinese Culture University law professor Chiu Chun-yen(邱駿彥) also thinks the ninth hour overtime pay on a national holiday should be calculated on the basis of double pay.

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