‘Selling out my people? I’m only here to sell fruits’: Beijing-friendly Taiwanese mayor Han Kuo-yu fires back at critics over rare visit

  • Rising star in opposition Kuomintang party doubles down on stance about trade promotion amid calls back home to clarify intent of trip
  • He slams ‘noise and scepticism’ as ‘boring and pointless’, saying dinner event with liaison office in city did not touch on Taiwan’s future

Han Kuo-yu, a rising star in the opposition Kuomintang (KMT) party, was responding to a call by Taiwan’s Mainland Affairs Council and politicians back home to clarify intentions over a Friday dinner meeting with Wang Zhimin, director of Beijing’s liaison office.

“I’m bringing along my wife, my deputy mayor and my team to Hong Kong, under the watch of 10 city councillors. Am I really going to sell out Kaohsiung? I’m only here to sell fruits and fish products,” Han told reporters in Macau at noon on Saturday.

He met Fu Ziying, director of Beijing’s liaison office in the casino hub.    [FULL  STORY]

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