Taiwanese cement truck smashes SUV into duck restaurant during lunchtime

Three people slightly injured

Taiwan News   
Date: 2019/03/16 
By: Matthew Strong, Taiwan News, Staff Writer

A cement truck smashed an SUV into a duck restaurant in Kaohsiung at lunchtime Saturday. (By Central News Agency)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Three people were reported injured in Kaohsiung Saturday after a cement mixing truck smashed into a parked SUV, propelling it into a roasted duck restaurant during lunch.

At 12:27 p.m. in the Renwu District, the driver of a truck from Taiwan Cement Corporation tried to brake, but hit seven motorcycles by the side of the road before smashing into a Toyota RAV 4, which crashed into the busy restaurant, scattering a crowd of people who were lining up to have lunch, the Central News Agency reported.

A 15-year-old female student inside the restaurant, a 28-year-old female passenger of the SUV, and the driver of the cement truck, 68, were the three slightly injured victims of the accident.    [FULL  STORY]

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