Taiwanese gangster threatens to blast police with grenade during standoff

Old Taiwanese gangster threatens to blow up police forces with MK2 grenade during 3-hour standoff in night market area in New Taipei City

Taiwan News
Date: 2017/05/01
By: Judy Lin, Taiwan News, Staff Writer

TAIPEI (Taiwan News)—Liu Pang-cheng (劉邦誠), the suspected leader of drug ring

Liu Pang-cheng (劉邦誠), the suspected head of drug ring Celestial Way arrested by police after 3-hour standoff and gunfight.(By Central News Agency)

and chapter head of the Celestial Way (天道盟) triad in Taiwan, threatened to detonate a military-grade MK2 grenade during a three-hour standoff with police in a bustling night market area in New Taipei City, Sunday.

Liu, who is past his 60s has been coined by Chinese-language media UDN, as “the world’s toughest old man.”

Police were pursuing Liu and his younger accomplice at the same time, and thought the older man was an easier target to apprehend.

To their surprise, Liu was well equipped with weapons and a MK2 grenade, police exchanged at least 35 gunshots with Liu during the gunfight that broke out at Zhonghe District Xingnan Night Market (中和興南夜市) on Sunday morning.

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