Woman Who Scored Last in Class Due to Eye Disorder Becomes a Teacher​​

Epoch Times
Date: May 23, 2020
By: Jocelyn Neo

(Courtesy of Yang Chih Chiao)BY JOCELYN NEO

When Yang Chih Chiao was successfully transferred to the National Taichung University of Education in Taiwan in her second year, her former classmates treated the joyful news as a joke. They never imagined that a student who once ranked last in their class would be on her way to becoming a teacher.

For young Yang—who is now a kindergarten teacher—life was never smooth sailing since she was little. Her childhood was filled with gray and blurry memories, as she suffered from amblyopia, a vision-development disorder—also known as lazy eye—in which one eye fails to achieve normal visual acuity. However, after 18 years of Yang suffering from the condition, a set of events helped restore her health.

Plagued With Eye Disorder

Recalling her painful childhood incident, Yang told Minghui.org that once her elementary school teacher showed them how to distinguish $5 and $10 bills.

“I couldn’t tell the difference at all,” the 31-year-old Yang said. “I couldn’t get the ball while bouncing it. That was when my parents found out that I had weak eyesight.” 

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